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Akceptu la Ĥaoson!

La Ĥaosanto
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Embracing the chaos, one thing at a time.

General Stuff
Male, mid-30s, good physical health. Love to bicycle. Want to discover and learn. Love languages, speaking English, Esperanto, Latin, Klingon, and bits of German and Finnish.

My LJ name is an Esperanto word meaning "one who is chaotic". "Ĥaoso" is chaos. "-ant-" is a suffix meaning "one who is actively doing that which is specified by the root". And "-o" is the suffix for a noun. Hence "Ĥaosanto". It is spelled "Hxaosanto" because many browsers and other pieces of software don't understand Unicode, and the "letter+x", or "x method", is an accepted way of showing Esperanto's accented letters in standard online text.

I'm a yoga teacher. I few years ago I earned a white belt in Iwama-style Aikido.

Magick and Mysticism
I'm a practicing Chaos magickian. I see Chaos as the flowing foam that underlies all of everything. Chaos can be manipulated. Chaos can be detected. Yet, it is like the Tao, and probably cannot truly be known. I have light Discordian tendencies, but I take things more seriously than most of the Discordians I've encountered. I am an ex-Christian who was involved with a very orthodox and ritualistic group, yet I have no ties to them any longer; and, although it did me some damage, I'm OK now. I love ritual.

Here is a bit about me based on various models. Some of the models are quite close, some are farther off. But, they're all close enough that they describe me at least somewhat. Remember: all models are approximations to some degree or another.

Western-Style Natal Astrology Chart
(This is an overview; details have been removed.)

  • Rising Sign is Cancer - I love to cook, garden, and sew.

  • Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio - You want intensity? I've got intensity!

  • Moon in Pisces - I'm the sensitive sort.

  • Mars, N. Node in Aquarius - Rebel with a cause! I'm idealistic and eccentric.

  • Jupiter, Neptune in Sagittarius - I'm honorable and somewhat community-oriented.

  • Saturn in Gemini - I'm logical and orderly, and I need a good answer when I ask "why?".

  • Uranus, Pluto in Libra - I'm interested in unconventional relationships and fearful of entangling committments.

Chinese Astrology
I'm a boar. (Boy, ain't that the truth!)

Meyers-Briggs Psych Profile
INTX (last piece varies between P and J depending on mood and current aims and circumstances)

The Eight-Pointed Star of Chaos
(This is the model I'm using for magickal work and personal development at the moment.)

  • Octarine - Pure Magick and Inner Growth - Strong. I never want to stop growing.

  • Red - Martial - Strong. Anger is my dominant emotion. I don't fight; I win fights no matter what.

  • Orange - Mental and Logic - Strong. I'm very much "left-brained".

  • Purple - Sex and Passion - Strong. I am often extremely horny. I have a strong inner drive and passion for things I believe and desire.

  • Yellow - Ego and Self - Indifferent. I have reasonable charisma. I have little laughter-creativity. I do not have the urge to dominate or assert myself over others.

  • Green - Love - Seriously damaged. I have little self-love. I have few friends, although it is easy for me to make more. I am most frightened of this aspect of my Self because of past experiences.

  • Blue - Wealth - Very low. I have little in the way of personal possessions; I can move and carry almost everything with me. I am against all ideas of greed and attainment in general. I fight with this aspect most often.

  • Black - Death and Disintegration - I do this often. Pieces of me have died and others are rotting. I have been through 3 "personality deaths" and am going through my 4th right now. I await physical death with little fear.
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